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Overcoming Fatherlessness

We live today in a period of time that is sometimes referred to as a “Fatherless Generation.” That title is the result of masses of a young generation that suffers from the lack of a good father. Some fathers abandoned their children. Others have abused their...

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Wrong Mindset Concerning Wealth

Jewish people understand that God desires for them to have wealth. They believe wealth is a good thing. Steven Silbiger wrote about this in his book, The Jewish Phenomenon [1]. Judaism has never considered poverty a virtue. Asceticism and self-denial are not Jewish...

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Battle of the Mind

The greatest battle people fight is the battle in their minds. The enemy has blinded the minds of many people from the truth. There is an attempt to convince believers that God will not do what He promised to do. Their minds begin to convince them that God is not...

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