We live today in a period of time that is sometimes referred to as a “Fatherless Generation.” That title is the result of masses of a young generation that suffers from the lack of a good father. Some fathers abandoned their children. Others have abused their children. Still, others have failed to even acknowledge that the sons and daughters are theirs.

How we need the healing power of Father God to heal and restore fatherhood! Parents should have a priority goal of nurturing their children in the image of God. Every person was created in the likeness and image of a good and loving Father. You were not created as a sinful, desperately wicked person! That scripture is speaking about the people who turn from God and refuse to walk in His ways (Jeremiah 17:9).

God promised to give Christians a new heart. The new heart and new spirit give believers the ability to forgive fathers. Father God also helps believers to break from the generational weakness of fatherlessness. They are empowered by the Holy Spirit to start a new generational line in their family. They can nurture their sons and daughters with the love of Father God.

Jesus always referred to God as Father. He left that legacy to all who would follow Him. Forgive any abuse, abandonment, or sinful behavior from your natural father. Let your true Father heal you. Become a father, or mother, who breaks the power of fatherlessness in your family line!

(c) Barbara Wentroble