About Barbara Wentroble

Barbara Wentroble is founder and president of International Breakthrough Ministries (IbM) and Breakthrough Business Leaders (BBL). She is gifted with a powerful apostolic, prophetic anointing. Ministering with cutting-edge teaching and revelation, a powerful breaker anointing is released. She has been involved in the global prayer movement since the early 1990s. Barbara is the author of ten books.

Tues, Dec 18 @ 7pm CST | Special Christmas Breakthrough Business Leaders (BBL) Seminar

Positioning for a Fresh Start Do you no longer have grace for what you were excited about in the past? Are the things that worked in the past season no longer working today? Are there [...]

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Tues, Dec 11 @ 7pm CST | Mentoring Conference Call on Creating a Christmas of Joy with Barbara Wentroble & Ron Terry

Creating a Christmas of Joy December 11, 2018  Christmas is too often synonymous with shopping, gifts, an abundance of food and laughter. However, that is not always what happens. Family disputes, loss of finances, [...]

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Mentoring Call Replay | Rediscovering Your Spiritual Heritage with Barbara Wentroble & Deb Warner

Do you sometimes wonder what previous generations in your family were like? Were they pastors? Businessmen? Missionaries? Many people today are using DNA testing to uncover their family history. People want to understand their heritage. [...]

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Mentoring Call Replay | Reclaiming a Nation for God with Barbara Wentroble & Jim Stockstill

Is God really interested in nations? I thought He sent Jesus to die for people, not nations. What happened to the Christian understanding of coming out of the world and being separate? Shouldn’t we [...]

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Mentoring Call Replay | Warring for Increase with Barbara Wentroble & Katherine Watsey

You were destined for increase! In fact, God mandated you to multiply and increase (Genesis 1:26-28). Why then is it so hard to see the manifestation of the increase that God has purposed for you? [...]

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Mentoring Call Replay | Freedom to Become the Real You with Barbara Wentroble & Donna Wise

July is month when the United States celebrates freedom for the nation. We love the national flags flying, the barbecue cookouts and all the fun celebrations. Yet, during all the celebrations of freedom, many [...]

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Mentoring Call Replay | Spiritual Fathers Who Break the Fatherless Spirit with Barbara Wentroble & Kevin Ahalt

June is the month when people in the Untied States celebrate Father’s Day. Yet, we often hear reports of the critical situation families face today. These reports tell us that a huge number of [...]

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Mentoring Call Replay | Spiritual Mothers Who Restore Lives with Barbara Wentroble & Dr. Shirley Brown

Mother’s Day in the United States is celebrated each year on the second Sunday of May. For some people this is a joyous time. Families often gather together for a special lunch. They bring [...]

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Mentoring Call Replay | Resurrection from the Tight Place with Barbara Wentroble & Michael Ruegamer

Do you ever dream of getting out of a tight place in life? Do you have frequent thoughts about leaving where you are and lounging on a beach in Hawaii or on a cruise [...]

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Mentoring Call Replay | Mentoring for Momentum with Barbara Wentroble & Phyllis Fuller

Are you ready to move forward but don’t know how to get where you want to go? Are you tired of starting and then stopping before you reach your goal? Do you have lots [...]

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