“A person’s beliefs can cause them to succeed or to fail.”
Barbara Wentroble

Word of Breakthrough – February 23, 2017

Your future is standing before you! Seize this moment to move forward. Let your future take you where you have never been before! Too many people look at the future with fear.  They view the season in front of them with dread and a multitude of impossibilities. The unknown captures their thoughts and hearts. Everyone’s future is filled with the [...]

Word of Breakthrough – February 16, 2017

Know your value! Many people around you have never given credibility to your worth. Your parents may have seen you only as a little kid that kept getting in trouble. Your teachers may have seen you as a difficult student that kept loosing their homework. Your bosses may see you as a commodity that they need to give them a [...]

Word of Breakthrough – February 9, 2017

We live by encouragement. Our deepest human craving is to feel appreciated. Without a sense of approval we die on the inside. People usually put forth more effort and try to do a better job when they live under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism. Sam Walton was an entrepreneur and businessman and is best known [...]

Word of Breakthrough – February 2, 2017

No one arrives at his destiny alone! Others along the way have contributed to your journey. Some of the people who helped in your journey may have been a teacher, a parent or grandparent, a neighbor or maybe a friend. Walt Disney was a man who was sensitive to the role others play in life’s accomplishments. Disney’s creativity and ingenuity [...]

Word of Breakthrough – January 26, 2017

Focus on your strengths! Allow the talents you have to direct your path into the future. Your weaknesses do not determine who you are. They are merely reminders of who you are not. Thomas Edison was an American inventor, scientist and businessman.  He was almost deaf from early childhood. Yet, he did not spend his time trying to learn to [...]

Word of Breakthrough – January 19, 2017

“Worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere” (Evan Esar). Esar was an American humorist who understood the folly of worry. Worry robs a person of the joys of life. It is a stream of fear that floods the mind. Worry is a strain on the mind but also can [...]

Word of Breakthrough – January 12, 2017

Thomas Watson was the founder of IBM. He built one of the greatest organizations in history. His secret to successful building was the fact that he never allowed the organization to replace people. People were his number one focus. In this busy world, it is easy to lose our focus. People must be our priority over paperwork and endless tasks. [...]

Word of Breakthrough – January 5, 2017

“Some people wait so long for their ship to come in, their pier collapses” (John Goddard). Waiting for the right time is crucial. Believing is important. Dreaming is necessary. Yet, there comes a time when waiting must come to an end. There comes a moment when believing and dreaming must give way to action. One man listed 127 life goals [...]

Word of Breakthrough – December 29, 2016

You have probably heard the definition of insanity. Insanity means that you keep doing the same thing you have always done and expect different results! At the beginning of this New Year, you have an opportunity to see positive changes rather than continuing to do things that fail to bring the desired results from your efforts. You can be [...]

Word of Breakthrough – December 22, 2016

During this season, allow light to overcome every place of darkness in your life! Obstacles can produce an atmosphere of dark hopelessness in a person’s life. Finding light at the end of the dark tunnel is the only way out for these people. What is the one step you may need to take toward the light in your dark [...]

Word of Breakthrough – December 15, 2016

Live to give! We all have something to give. If you have a hand, extend it to someone who needs to be lifted up. If you have water, give a drink to someone who is thirsty. A successful life is not determined by a person’s bank account. Success is not determined by fame or the number of your followers. Success [...]

Word of Breakthrough – December 8, 2016

Commit your whole heart to your most wanted achievements in life! Those who desire great results must first of all make great commitments. There is no room for apathy or lack of motivation. This high level of commitment will produce the zeal and energy to accomplish the goal. Vince Lombardi was a man who expected great commitment from his Green [...]

Word of Breakthrough – December 1, 2016

Do something for someone else! Many people live life looking out for “Number One.” Number One is usually self. We even use the familiar expression WIIFM – What’s in it for me? During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia a selfless young man rose to fame. Alexandre Bilodeau won his country’s first Gold Medal in the mogul’s event. [...]

Word of Breakthrough – November 24, 2016

Maintain a thankful heart at all times! Too many people spend their time criticizing, complaining and finding fault. Usually, these people miss the best due to their negative outlook. Find the one thing you can be thankful for in your difficult situation. Are you thankful for the nation where you live? Are you thankful for loved ones who believe in [...]

Word of Breakthrough – November 17, 2016

Keep your eyes focused on where you are going! Too often we are looking at where we have been rather than where we are going. Thoughts of the past can include grief, guilt, failure and other discouraging memories. We may not be able to change the past but neither do we need to be bound by it. What are some [...]

Word of Breakthrough – November 10, 2016

We live by encouragement. Our deepest human craving is to feel appreciated. Without a sense of approval we die on the inside. People usually put forth more effort and try to do a better job when they live under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism. Sam Walton was an entrepreneur and businessman and is best [...]

Word of Breakthrough – November 3, 2016

Hearts throughout the world cry out for one thing...they want to live their lives in freedom. Here in the United States we are blessed to live in a nation that enjoys freedom. Our men and women have made great sacrifices throughout our history. Many have given their lives for this nation. We do not take these sacrifices lightly! Former [...]

Word of Breakthrough – October 27, 2016

Looking too far ahead can cause you to become overwhelmed! Deadlines, details and challenges of the distant future can keep you awake at night. Peace of mind is lost. Health can be damaged. Emotions can be strained. Not only does a person sacrifice much time in trying to figure out the future but some of the potential challenges of [...]

Word of Breakthrough – October 20, 2016

Identifying your core values gives others the opportunity to recognize that they may have similar distinctives. This allows them to understand the corporate culture of your organization. Someone recently shared with me about her experience while viewing our website. During her hospitalization, she read the core values we listed and realized the impact that these values make on people [...]

Word of Breakthrough – October 13, 2016

Give yourself a laughter break today! Life can be far too serious. There is so much in life that tries to keep us discouraged. Laughter is cheap medicine. It helps you relax and gain new strength for life's journey. Think of the many mistakes you have made. Think of the crazy things you said that you wish you could take [...]

Word of Breakthrough – October 6, 2016

Adversity can be turned into an advantage in life. Adversity is merely an event and is not the final act. You can take the difficult situation you are facing and use it as a tool to create a great opportunity. Many people throughout history have turned their difficult situations into advantages. Think about some of these examples. Henry Ford failed [...]

Word of Breakthrough – September 29, 2016

Attitude reveals the inner person. The person either choses to see the positive in a situation or he chooses to embrace the negative in that situation. Circumstances are uncontrollable. Events happen in life. It is up to us to choose the right response. The response is our attitude. Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish literary celebrity during his lifetime. He [...]

Word of Breakthrough – September 22, 2016

There is always something in life to be thankful for. Thankfulness can take the little you have and turn it into something great. Thankfulness can turn chaos into clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast. It can turn a house into a home. Thankfulness can turn the past into a powerful lesson and the present into a [...]

Word of Breakthrough – September 15, 2016

Overcomers have a Finishing Anointing! They don't merely start things. They keep on moving forward until they complete the task. Many people love to start new things. They like to be creative. They enjoy thinking of new projects and dreaming about new adventures. Often, these people actually start some of the new things they are planning for the future. The problem [...]

Word of Breakthrough – September 8, 2016

Your values determine how you live. These values are the guiding principles for everything you do. They are ingrained in your heart and your soul. Actions and words are the primary indicators of the values we possess. Some of these words might be dignity, hope, equality or generosity. Greatness comes from these type values. Dan Quayle is a man who [...]

Word of Breakthrough – September 1, 2016

There are times when things go wrong for us either in our personal lives, our business or in our ministry. Life is made up of times when things go bad. When this happens, learn to regroup and define your future. Learning to make tough decisions based on good principles rather than emotions or popularity will help you move forward [...]

Word of Breakthrough – August 25, 2016

Desire is the key to keeping you motivated. Without desire there will be no motivation to move you forward. Life and work are not meant to be boring. A person must create the lifestyle they desire. Some people live boring lives. They are discouraged, sluggish and unenthusiastic. These people constantly look for new jobs, new environments or new relationships. They [...]

Word of Breakthrough – August 17, 2016

Those with victorious mindsets create life. Those with victim mindsets blame others for the way life happens. Victims blame the government, blame the stock market, blame their parents, blame the economy or blame whoever they feel has caused them difficulty. For those who focus their minds on realizing that they create success in life, amazing things happen. They do not [...]

Word of Breakthrough – August 11, 2016

You cannot fail if you never quit! What looks like failure today is merely a stepping stone into your future. The lessons learned through the difficult places along the path will cause you to accelerate into the new place. Don't allow the frustrations, losses and uncertainty of today to cause you to miss your tomorrow. Declare that quitting is not [...]

Word of Breakthrough – August 4, 2016

Your passion is your purpose! Without passion a person merely lives life one day at a time. Without passion a person goes through the motion of everyday life looking for something that will bring satisfaction. A person needs a purpose greater than just struggling to meet the demands of life - food, home and materialist desires. You begin to discover [...]

Word of Breakthrough – July 28, 2016

Someone once said that a common problem in our society is unsuccessful people with great potential. We tend to make use of only a small part of our actual potential. How sad! Each person possesses great ability to grow far beyond the self-imposed limitations in their life. Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish poet, novelist, essayist, and travel writer. He [...]

Word of Breakthrough – July 21, 2016

Success causes a person to do one of two things. The person will either think they are a prima donna or they will embrace success with a spirit of humility and sincerity. Success usually comes from continuing to do what you are good at doing. Debbi Sivyer enjoyed backing cookies as a young girl. Her desire in life was [...]

Word of Breakthrough – July 14, 2016

Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. Time must be managed or you lose control in many areas of life.  Managing time involves determining what’s most important to you. Once you establish priorities in your life, you should find a way to integrate those priorities into your schedule. Henry Kissinger is a man who determined to manage [...]

Word of Breakthrough – July 7, 2016

Servanthood is the key to a fulfilled life. When you are serving others, life is no longer meaningless. Life is filled with joy and happiness. We become the hand of God in the earth as we reach out to others. He touches the world through us. By serving others, we also discover that others will reach out to us. [...]

Word of Breakthrough – June 30, 2016

Hearts throughout the world cry out for one thing...they want to live their lives in freedom. Here in the United States we are blessed to live in a nation that enjoys freedom. Our men and women have made great sacrifices throughout our history. Many have given their lives for this nation. We do not take these sacrifices lightly! Former [...]

Word of Breakthrough – June 23, 2016

There is always something in life to be thankful for. Thankfulness can take the little you have and turn it into something great. Thankfulness can turn chaos into clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast. It can turn a house into a home. Thankfulness can turn the past into a powerful lesson and the present into a hope [...]

Word of Breakthrough – June 16, 2016

Achievers are driven by determination! They see obstacles as hindrances to overcome. They do not give in to doubt or discouragement. These people refuse to stop until they reach their destination. Paul Harvey was a man filled with determination. He was a well-respected American broadcaster. Harvey received numerous awards during his lifetime including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This [...]

Word of Breakthrough – June 9, 2016

Life is too short to be lived without purpose! Too many people live life one day at a time. They wander through life without ever discovering the reason they are on the Earth. They are merely existing rather than living. For life to be filled with meaning, it must be filled with purpose. A life is meaningless if it [...]

Word of Breakthrough – June 2, 2016

Mistakes are part of life. No one is perfect. The proof that a person is attempting to do something is that the person will make a mistake. Only those who do nothing will never make a mistake. Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American essayist, lecturer and poet. Emerson received a letter from his daughter who was away at college. [...]

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Word of Breakthrough – May 26, 2016

Your vision for the future is possible. It is possible to go further than where you are today. It is possible to achieve your dreams. A person must think and consider their future if they are to have a successful one. Jacques Cousteau had an inspiring perspective on facing the future with optimism. Cousteau was a French naval officer, explorer, [...]

Word of Breakthrough – May 19, 2016

Every situation can become an opportunity when properly perceived. There are opportunities all around us. Sometimes these opportunities are disguised as positive or negative circumstances. When a person takes hold of these circumstances, they can be turned around and used as an opportunity. A man named, Joe Resnick, grabbed hold of a negative situation. He was a television repairman. [...]

Word of Breakthrough – May 12, 2016

Adversity is only an experience. It is not the final word about your situation. However, courage is needed to face your difficult situation and continue to move forward. Anyone who has achieved anything worthwhile has overcome difficulties along the way. The Message Bible encourages us to press through adversity. "Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges [...]

Word of Breakthrough – May 5, 2016

Preparation positions you for opportunity! Everyone makes plans in the present based on their perception of the future. If the future seems hopeless, a person fails to prepare. Yet, often our opportunities show up at unexpected moments. How painful it can be when an opportunity arises and the person realized he is unprepared. Roger Staubach is a man who spent [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Apr 28, 2016

Kindness is the medicine needed in today’s world. People long for the healing power of words that sooth wounds and bring joy.  Genuine care and concern can change the atmosphere around you. Kind words can be short and easy to understand. Yet, these words are powerful enough to cause misunderstanding, mistrust and hostility to evaporate. Someone once said the [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Apr 21, 2016

Life is filled with uncertainty. It is filled with blessings and defeat, happiness and sorrow, fear and faith, success and failure. It is impossible to know what tomorrow will bring. You cannot predict what next week or month will bring. Be willing to enter the adventure of discovering your life purpose. Leo Rosten was a humorist in the fields [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Apr 14, 2016

Give your dream a chance to happen! Your dream is a powerful reflection of the potential inside you. Don’t allow fears and insecurity to rob you of the possibilities that await you. Realize that God has put enormous abilities within you. You were created to cause dreams to become reality. Tom Clancy was an American author and part-owner of [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Apr 7, 2016

There are rewards for those who learn to persevere. Perseverance merely means a person learns to fight through the pain, the challenges, the discouragement and the weariness of the battle. The rewards are the accomplishments, the finances or the goals that would be lost if the person had given up and quit. Dr. C. E. Welch was a man [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Mar 31, 2016

I read an old adage that speaks to the difficulty we have during times of change. Until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change, chances are there will be no change.People love to hear messages about change. They love the excitement of planning for change. They even enjoy dreaming about change. The problem is...people [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Mar 24, 2016

    Success comes from knowing that you have accomplished what you were created to do. Success, however, does not guarantee happiness. Very successful people can become very unhappy individuals. John D. Rockefeller was a very successful man. He was also a very miserable man. Rockefeller was the richest man in the world and yet was sick physically, mentally [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Mar 17, 2016

Values are the guiding principles that help us achieve our life purposes. They are the foundation of our character and our confidence. Values are reflected in the way we behave and in how we see the world. These values will cause us to press toward our goals and visions. Defining our values helps to keep us on course so [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Mar 10, 2016

Winners are those who finish well! They set high but attainable goals. These winners work with great determination and persistence. They never stop until they reach their goals. They persevere in the midst of every difficult obstacle and continue to fight in the face of defeat. Nido Qubein is a Christian businessman, motivational speaker and author. Qubein has received [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Mar 3, 2016

  "Show me someone who doesn't dream about the future and I'll show you someone who doesn't know where he is going." (Anonymous) Dreaming reveals the hidden potential inside you. It helps you realize the abilities in you that have never been awakened. Tom Clancy was a man who continued to awaken the abilities within him. He was an American [...]

Word of Breakthrough – Feb 25, 2016

Your difficulty may be the key that opens the door to a big opportunity. Adversity forces you to think of an alternate solution to your situation. It can save you from continuing on the path that may hold an even greater disaster. Richard Bach was forced to look for an alternate solution to the difficulty he faced. He [...]