Know your value! Many people around you have never given credibility to your worth. Your parents may have seen you only as a little kid that kept getting in trouble. Your teachers may have seen you as a difficult student that kept loosing their homework. Your bosses may see you as a commodity that they need to give them a better image of themselves.

It does not matter that these people have never affirmed your value. You must recognize your own giftings and abilities that make you the unique individual that you are. Take off the blinders and see that you were created with a gift that others need. When others don’t acknowledge your special talents, find the people who will. They are waiting for you! They need all the giftings that were created in you! Without you, they will never find the success in life that they are longing for.

Stop waiting for those around you to affirm your value. Position yourself with life-giving people who see your worth. Watch your confidence go to a new level. See a greater productivity from your efforts. You are a valuable person and have a great destiny to fulfill. Move into a new season where others value you and greater yet, you value yourself!

© Barbara Wentroble