Becoming a Wealth Creator

Becoming A Wealth Creator: Advancing into Kingdom Prosperity Gives You:

*Keys to Take You from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

*Should Christians Desire to Have Money?

*Biblical Perspective of Socialism, Communism and Capitalism

Book Description: 

For mankind to obey God’s command, money is critical. Finances are necessary to subdue crime, human trafficking, drugs, infirmity, and many other evils in the world. You may even have a dream inside you for how God wants to use you for His purposes. It takes money to fulfill that dream. To become a Kingdom Wealth Creator, a person must replace an old mindset of poverty thinking. Today can be your season to break out of any poverty mindset that is hindering you from increasing and multiplying. Realize that wars are in the natural world and wars are in the spiritual world. For a person to become a Wealth Creator a war must be won. Allow the Lord to empower you to win your war and cross over from a place of lack or barely enough to a position of wealth and abundance!


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