April 2017 – Newsletter

Breakthrough Warriors! How thankful I am to be aligned with you! Your encouragement, your prayers and your financial giving are vital in helping to break open territories for Kingdom purposes. Covenant in America’s History New England is an area that is breaking open for a fresh move of God. I recently spent a couple days in Plymouth, Massachusetts at [...]

October 2016 – Newsletter

Breakthrough Warriors! Do you believe that God has a special call and plan for your nation? Do you believe it is possible for the Lord to bring to fullness the call and plan that He has for your nation? You are probably like so many people today. Your faith and prayers are persistent in believing for the Lord to [...]

September 2016 – Newsletter

Great expectancy is in the air as we enter this Fall season! People are thankful that they were able to press through the long hot summer with all of its challenges. Most people that I know are ready for a new beginning. You probably feel the same way! INTERCESSION In my book, Praying with Authority, I wrote about several incidents [...]

August 2016 – Newsletter

Breakthrough Warrior! I recently returned from North Dakota. We had powerful meetings in Rugby and also in Watford City. Rugby is the center of the North American continent. Amazing that the center is so far north! Watford City is in the middle of the recent oil boom. Low oil prices have impacted the area, but there is a sense that [...]

July 2016 – Newsletter

Greeting to everyone in the midst of a very hot summer in Texas! When it gets this hot, we think of a cool place to go. So…Dale scheduled an Alaskan Cruise for us in August. We love Alaska, and we love cruises. We hope to relax and enjoy a little cool weather while we are there. Somebody needs to do [...]

June 2016 – Newsletter

June 2016 The world today is experiencing a time of chaos, violence and confusion. At the same time, the Church is entering a time of great acceleration. We, the Body of Christ, are experiencing the Pentecost season. What an awesome time when we are receiving a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit! This season is similar to what happened [...]

May 2016 – Newsletter

May is a month that has lots of celebrations! Some of these celebrations include Mother’s Day, Graduations, Memorial Day and Weddings! I love it! We need to find any opportunity we can to laugh and to celebrate. Life can get tense if we do not take the time to enjoy friends, family and others that the Lord puts in our [...]