Using AI in Ministry Training Seminar

Conduct research, find ideas

Research your topics

Ideas for newsletters

Create book launch materials

Create your own custom images

Hear how Linda Harrington uses AI from taking the class previously

Some of the images created by Linda

Using AI for Your Newsletters

Create interesting content, research scriptures, create engaging images, and even create poetry using AI!

See examples for applying AI to the solar eclipse.

Using AI for Your Research

Using AI for your research is much easier than older methods and makes you more productive. You can generate a baseline for ideas, find scriptures, create a few example images, and even probe deeper to generate more details.

See an example PowerPoint generated with AI !

An entire presentation was created using AI. See how AI was used to create the content and images in a remarkably short time. Productivity at work!

Click the slide to see the full process and presentation.

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