“Is a brain to pick, An ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”
John C. Crosby

Mentoring Call Replay on Spiritual Mothers Who Restore Lives with Barbara Wentroble & Dr. Shirley Brown

Mother’s Day in the United States is celebrated each year on the second Sunday of May. For some people this is a joyous time. Families often gather together for a special lunch. They bring flowers and gifts to show love for their mother. Other people do not usually celebrate Mother’s Day. Sometimes they have lost a mother through death, [...]

Mentoring Call Replay | Resurrection from the Tight Place with Barbara Wentroble & Michael Ruegamer

Do you ever dream of getting out of a tight place in life? Do you have frequent thoughts about leaving where you are and lounging on a beach in Hawaii or on a cruise ship? Would you like to be like a bear and hibernate for a few months to get away from the pressure? If you identified with [...]

Mentoring Call Replay | Mentoring for Momentum with Barbara Wentroble & Phyllis Fuller

Are you ready to move forward but don’t know how to get where you want to go? Are you tired of starting and then stopping before you reach your goal? Do you have lots of ideas for your future but don’t know which idea should be first to implement? So many people feel they have wasted time trying to [...]

Mentoring Call Replay | Love is A Choice with Barbara Wentroble, Gary & Danice Duda

Do you feel trapped in a relationship and don’t know what to do? Are you struggling to enjoy a relationship and yet there is no joy? Do you need answers on how to love a person who is difficult to love? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should listen to this Mentoring Call. February is [...]

Mentoring Call Replay | A New Beginning with Barbara Wentroble & Nicole Williamson

Do you need to face your future with a different mindset? Do you need to embrace the Father’s love in a new way? Do you need to get up and start over in your life, your business or your ministry? If you answered “yes” to any of thee questions, this call is for you! The New Year is a [...]

Mentoring Call | My Most Memorable Christmas with Barbara Wentroble & Dr. Gayle Rogers

Christmas memories can either be good or bad. These memories can either bring joy or heartache to a person. People often dream about holidays being a time of fun and celebration with family and loved ones. However, many people go through times of sorrow and disappointment during this time. Some have lost loved ones or experienced financial losses. Please [...]

Mentoring Call | Creating a Family Dynasty with Barbara Wentroble & Larry King

Have you ever thought about creating a dynasty for your family? Most people have not. Most don’t believe it is even possible for them. This mentoring call will help you see the possibility of creating a generational legacy for your family. Often, we hear news reports that reveal the lives of royal families. Sometimes there are reports about families [...]

Mentoring Call | Pressing from the Old Place Into the New with Barbara Wentroble & Latasha Ruegamer

Are you in a time of transition? Are you uneasy about how to move forward? Are you tempted to stay where you are rather than facing the uncertainty of the future? If any of this sounds familiar, this month’s mentoring call is for you! We are in a time when we must press through any hindrance designed to keep [...]

Mentoring Call | A Transformed Life with Barbara Wentroble & Barbara Becker

Life is not always fair but God is good! He can take every difficult place in life and turn it around for good. Life is full of choices. A person must choose to be a mighty fighter or to be a victim. The choice between the two can determine your future. The Lord gives us the privilege of choosing. [...]

Mentoring Call | God’s Heart for the Nations with Barbara Wentroble & Jim Stockstill

July is a time when the United States celebrates freedom! On July 4, 1776, the forefathers of this nation determined a course to lead the nation into new levels of hope, prosperity and freedom. The Declaration of Independence set forth the idea that “all men are created equal.” This freedom was to build upon the principles of God. God’s [...]

Mentoring Call | Tired of Being Tired with Barbara Wentroble and Dr. Michael Berglund

Are you tired of being tired? Are you ready for answers on how to gain new strength and vitality so that you can accomplish God’s purpose for your life? If you answered “yes” for either of these questions, please click on the replay button below. Enjoy this call with Barbara Wentroble and Dr. Michael Berglund! Click Here to Hear [...]

Mentoring Call | Women Of Valor with Barbara Wentroble & Stacie Forest

May is a month when we celebrate mothers in the United States. Stores are filled with sale items for women. Many people give gifts or send cards to their mothers. However, not everyone has a good relationship with a mom. Some have lost their mothers or may never have known their biological mother. For these people, this can be [...]

Mentoring Call | Overcoming Challenges in a New Beginning with Barbara Wentroble & Sandra McShannon

Life today consists of frequent shifts and the challenges that come with change. Times like this can be fearful for those who are looking for a steady, set-in-concrete lifestyle. The greatest challenge may not be the change itself. The greatest challenge during these times may be the ability to see farther than you have seen in the past. Barbara [...]

Mentoring Call | God’s Plan for Women with Barbara Wentroble & Eileen Berglund

It is time for God’s women to arise! God created women as influencers for good. He created them with gifts and anointings to bring healing and restoration into the earth. He put within women the ability to remove chains from people’s lives. Yet, not all women have understood their God-given purpose. We read about women in the news each day. [...]

Mentoring Call | The Power of Love to Heal with Barbara Wentroble, Gary & Danice Duda

You were created with a need to love and to be loved! God is love. It is not what He does. It is who He is! Since we are created in His image, we have a need to have our being filled with love. Some psychologists address that need by referring to people having a “love tank.” When that tank [...]

Mentoring Call | Intercession for the Release of Wealth with Barbara Wentroble & Katherine Watsey

God's mandate for your life is for you to prosper! God owns all the wealth of the world. He put His children in the Earth to manage and steward the Earth, including all the wealth. Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2). Why, then, are many [...]

Mentoring Call | Fitness Through the Holidays with Barbara Wentroble & Stella Timmons

Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Year's! In America, we have so many holidays so close together at this time of the year. What do we do to celebrate these holidays? We eat, catch up on sleep, skip exercise and just try to get through this busy season. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not usually on our list of priorities. However, there [...]

Mentoring Call | Praying for Government with Barbara Wentroble & Vicki Nohrden

The United States faces probably the most critical national election in the history of this nation! Future generations will be affected by what happens on November 8. How we need to pray at this Kairos time for our nation! As a nation, we have been shocked and disheartened at the decay of morality, dishonesty and corruption in our leaders. [...]

Mentoring Call | Pressing Through the Tough Places with Barbara Wentroble & Terry Wise

Life is not always fair. Life can sometimes be filled with difficult situations. These adverse situations can often seem to overwhelm a person. A person will frequently ask themselves, "How did this happen?" "What did I do wrong?" "What happened to the promise of God?" Learning to navigate through the tough places in life can be a challenge. Sometimes [...]

Bringing Racial Reconciliation to Your Region with Barbara Wentroble & Merrie Cardin

The news is filled with reports of violence, hatred, murder and racial tension. These horrible events are not limited to the United States. Nations today are in turmoil and experiencing deep divisions among the citizens. Is there an answer to this? Is it possible to heal the divide between people groups? This call dealt with not only the issues [...]

Freedom From Grief & Loss with Barbara Wentroble & June Jones

Life is not fair but God is good! The book with this title was written in 1997 by Robert Schuller. Life is not always fair. Good people experience trauma and disappointments. Losses occur. The good news is that we serve a good God! He can turn every tough place in life into a stepping stone for a greater future. [...]

The Orphan Spirit with Barbara Wentroble & Larry Burden

Nations today are experiencing an identity crisis. Current news reports are filled with the controversy on gender identity. People are trying to discover their true identity. Many are even trying to change their gender in hopes of discovering who they really are. The identity crisis is not limited to unbelievers. Why do many of God's children strive to find their [...]

The Empowered Woman with Barbara Wentroble & J. Nicole Williamson

  There is a clarion call from the Lord for women to arise and be empowered! Women have been the topic of influential Church leaders for many years. One of the most influential leaders during the 16th century was a monk named Martin Luther. Although he brought major reformation to the Church, he didn't get it right in his [...]

Book Writing & Publish with Barbara Wentroble & Norma Gorter

Do you have a desire in your heart to write a book, write articles or even a blog? Many people express a longing to be able to write. They want to communicate what is in their hearts. Often these people made several attempts at writing. Some of these attempts ended in frustration and caused them to quit. The dream [...]