Do you ever dream of getting out of a tight place in life?

Do you have frequent thoughts about leaving where you are and lounging on a beach in Hawaii or on a cruise ship?

Would you like to be like a bear and hibernate for a few months to get away from the pressure?

If you identified with any of these questions, you will love this Mentoring Call! I admit that there are times when I answer yes to all the above questions. Tight places are common to every human being. Discovering the way to navigate through these places is the challenge.

We frequently hear about people who commit suicide, kill several people or steal money. These solutions to tight places are not the answer to the dilemma. God has promised a way of escape for us. He has the perfect path to help us make it through the tight place and into our new place of victory.

Click on the replay button below to discover God’s answer to shift us out of the tight place and into a place of joy & freedom with Barbara Wentroble & Michael Ruegamer.

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