Breakthrough Business Network

BBN is made up of a dedicated team, committed to helping individuals and businesses grow by equipping them to breakthrough with new strength and purpose. The BBN team teaches you how to raise the level of fulfillment in your life, so you and your business can become the world changer you were destined to be. When you connect with Barbara Wentroble and the BBN team, you will be ready to transform and revolutionize whatever sector of global society – Government, Education, Business, Religion, Media, Arts/Entertainment and Family, as a kingdom-minded leader!

BBN is for people who seek to impact their culture and become world leaders. Our Life Coach Teams, target individuals, and their focus are on personal development. Our Business Coaches are set up for the executives. The focus here is to provide the needed stimulus for executives to make quantum leaps and tools to excel via strategic planning, goal setting and overcoming obstacles.

Bring Potential To Your Life
Once you realize you create 
the success in your life 
you can live your life any way you choose, 
and the more you become aware of that, 
the more you are the cause, 
instead of the effect of your life.