Keys To Becoming A Wealth Creator

Happy New Year! We are entering a year filled with the potential of reaching new levels in our health, our ministry or our business. Our faith should be for a better year this year than we experienced last year. You are probably like me. I am grateful for all that the Lord did last year. Even through there were challenges along the way, it was a wonderful year. Yet, I believe the Lord has increase and multiplication for 2019.

One area that believers should be increasing in is in wealth creation.Social transformation requires wealth. For us to bring change into the world, we must have resources. You may have a dream in your heart for God’s plan for your life. Probably the main thing holding back your dream is the lack of finances.

I will share some Keys to Becoming a Wealth Creatorat our Breakthrough Business Leaders meeting on January 15. Bring your spouse, your friends, your co-workers and your ministry team to the meeting. I will lay hands and anoint every new business venture, every new ministry venture and each person needing to become a wealth creator. You can join the teaching for the meeting on Facebook Live. However, I cannot lay hands and anoint you over the Internet. It is great to get the teaching, but I urge you to be with us if possible. This meeting can be the beginning of a great 2019 for you!

I am excited to see you at our next BBL meeting. Many people aligned with us had major breakthroughs in 2018. Imagine the breakthroughs that can happen in your life in 2019!

Breakthrough for Wealth Creation,

Barbara Wentroble

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